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The scrotum is part of the male genitals, found behind the penis. It is a small pouch that holds the testicles, a pair of round glands that make, hold, and expel sperm and male hormones. Drastic changes in texture can be a sign of male genital disorders, ranging from benign masses to cancer. While a male fetus is forming in the womb, his testicles first start to develop inside his abdomen. As he becomes more formed, the testicles are supposed to drop down from the abdomen and settle into the scrotum.
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How To Stop Scrotum Itch: Causes and Treatment Tips

I noticed that some of the veins in my scrotum are enlarged. Should I be concerned? Definitely have a urologist eyeball your balls, especially if you plan on ever being a dad. Those wormlike veins, called varicoceles, are caused by misdirected bloodflow from your renal vein, says Larry Lipshultz, M.
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Do you have an itchy scrotum at night? Dry skin on balls is a common condition among males. The common causes are STD and bacterial and fungal infection known as jock itch. Itchy scrotal skin can have no rash, this is a common syndrome.
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The scrotum is the skin found underneath and behind the male genitalia. It includes the small sacs scrotum sacs that protect and contain the testicles, part of the spermatic cord and blood vessels. The male genitalia consist of the scrotum and penis.
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